State of Mind Network is primarily founded to raise awareness of ourselves and the impact on our subjective reality and emotional reality; just being aware of our presence and energy. The awareness of our Mind & Body shows us the effect of our being on our world and our environment. The western way of life almost forces us to drift further and further away from ourselves, starting already at birth. Because a drift from ourselves is actually not at all possible, we become entangled in our own world and our ego constructs a scenario in which we become strangers to the voice of our hearts and our intuition.

This mental confusion rules our lives on a daily base in everything we do and feel. We are, however, so used to this state of mind that it almost feels natural and all is within our comfort zone. We end up settling for the way our life unfolds, without realizing that we have access to only a fraction of our potential. We remain wandering through life without any control or direction, while the steer of life is right in front of us.  

State of Mind Network shows you the way to reconnect with the inner-you, in order to feel at home in your own world and reality. We do this by letting you focus on yourself on a mental and physical level. The mindset and bodyset regain their balance, self love flows without barriers and you return to be a source of love, inspiration and creativity. Actually you become what you’ve always been: love, strength, energy and potential. This flame burns internally will extend to the world around you and to everyone who is in it. The effect will be obvious in both your private as in your professional life. Even strangers will be influenced by your energy, which will shine a light on everyone in whose life you appear, this is already noticeable just by passing someone in the street.

Through our workshops, training courses, seminars and retreats in the Netherlands and abroad, we will help you become the best version of yourself and develop the potential and talent you were born with.


Methods and goals:

State of Mind Network focuses on personal awareness and development. We do this with our own (field) research methods and techniques and also by implementing our findings by the science in:

  • Yoga
  • Mindset, Mindfulness and meditation
  • State of Mind
  • Self-reflection
  • Quality in work and life
  • Sports
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements

The State of Mind Network goals:

  • More conscious life and work
  • Optimization of yourself and your talents
  • Discovering your passion and who you really are
  • Living from your heart, listen to your inner voice and intuition
  • Deepening relations
  • Find Mind & Body Balance




We like to travel! In State of Mind Network we organize several retreats on an anual base. Do you want some time for yourself and by yourself? Do you feel the need to let go of the daily routine and are you ready to explore yourself and life in general? Then a State of Mind Network retreat is definitely something for you.

The retreat program:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • State of Mind Training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Group sessions
  • Individual sessions with the trainers

For whom:

The State of Mind Network retreat is for anyone who wants to grow and wants to deepen the relationship with themselves,  reconnect with themselves. It is for anyone who finally wants to follow their heart and restore the connection between body and mind. We do this by removing your fears and with the increase of your awareness you will feel reborn. The retreat is for all ages.

During the State of Mind Network retreat we stay for a few days in a beautiful location, in a very inspiring country. Being away from your daily routine and struggle results in space for personal development, while staying with both feet on the ground. Our program is consciously and unconsciously addressing insight, intuition, trust, letting go, self-esteem, self-confidence, enjoyment, inner strength, energy, connection and communication.

If you have any further questions or doubts, feel free to contact with us.



State of Mind trainer/coach Stacey Seedorf and coach State of Body trainer/coach Li-Ann van Groen are the driving forces behind State of Mind Network.

Li-Ann van Groen – State of Body trainer/coach

In the past 15 years Li-Ann van Groen has been active in the fitness industry, yoga, meditation and nutrition. In the recent years she has done research and training to deepen her knowledge and expertise in yoga and nutrition even further. She has experienced the healing results of good nutrition, excersice, yoga and relaxing herself and this is why she is so passionate in helping people get to a more enegetic, healthier and happier life.

As the leadsinger of the world famous 90’s band ‘Twenty 4 Seven’ she is well aware of the essence of a healthy lifestyle. She knows that to stay in shape during all this travelling and touring around the world, it’s essential to keep the level of your health and energy on a high level and relax the body with yoga very regularly.

Li-Ann is the founder of Kuzala yoga, which she designed by her own creativity right after she finished her yoga course. Kuzala is Sanskrit and means ‘Happiness, Health, Wellness and Balance; her core goals in coaching and teaching. The yoga mat is like life itself; dynamic and in motion, all about the Yin and Yang. This is why Kuzala Yoga is a combination of various yoga styles. In 2017 Li-Ann got certified officially in Goa (India) as a yoga teacher.

Li-Ann: “Happiness and health are the most precious gifts I can give someone. I feel privileged that I have been able to help so many people so far and it is my mission is to keep doing this as long as I can! “




Stacey Seedorf – State of Mind trainer/coach

Stacey Seedorf is the founder of State of Mind Network and is a passionate writer, speaker and State of Mind trainer/coach. He coaches in personal development, success, inspirational leadership and the realization of dreams, desires and goals. He is an expert in helping people and organizations towards personal growth and success, by giving insight into where everything starts; our thinking process, our mindset and the resulting state of mind.

His work is based on techniques and methods that are rooted in the original traditions in Asia, Europe and North America and he combines this with modern methods and brain studies from renowned universities. Thus, modern methods as Anthony Robbins, the SIYLI method (Google), NLP, EFT, Touch of Matrix, the Wim Hof ​​method (Iceman), Avatar, Life Success (Bob Proctor), Shamballah, Reiki, SiamReiki, Osho and Art of being as traditional methods like: Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Vipassana meditation and other forms, North American Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and the work of several teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nath Hahn, Sayadaw U Pandita, typew Nisargadatta Maharaj and many others, the basis for what he does.

The common thread through all his work (live as well as in his writings), is the Human Mindset, the human way of thinking and the way our brain is wired to lead us to the way we perceive the world around us; our unique and subjective reality.

Stacey Seedorf: “With al my work I focus on the innerworld of the individual himself, this is where his outer world is created which is why this knowledge is the most essential key that you as a human being can obtain. You always have the master key that opens every single mental door. However, this can be quite a search and that is where a coach can step in to show the way. In a short time I give you the needed tools to regain the power and control over your unique and subjective reality. You’ll find the strength and faith in yourself and you will start to make decisions that will take you in the direction you want to go. This applies to individuals in their private live, artists, but also for individuals in business like leaders, managers and CEO’s.

My mission is to help people and businesses by giving them just that little push to get up, start up and move up. It is your own inner strength that will lead you to your unique happiness and success “

The vision of State of Mind Network

If we are really honest, we must admit that generally we’re not doing that well with people in general, and with our planet. At any time there is war in several places of the world, we destroy our forest and jungle leaving animals no habitat. The environment is getting more poluted by the year and every source is drying up rapidly. We MUST put a stop to this, the future of humans on this planet might not be that long. We should find a way to develop a different collective consciousness for turning this extensively. State of Mind Network will do it’s part to contribute by doing everything within it’s power to achieve this shift in consciousness.

The mission of State of Mind Network

State of Mind Network intends to achieve this awareness by providing training, workshops, retreats, writing books, posting video’s and blogs and speaking at events and seminars.

This is why the State of Mind Network foundation fights for direct positive impact on animal welfare. The Foundation will be financed out of incomes of State of Mind Network.





Mailing address: PO Box 3487, 3009 AM Rotterdam (NL)